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Charter Manager

Give your clients peace of mind to chart their course safely and securely with Charter Manager, the innovative boat management tool specifically developed for charter companies.

With the ability to locate, track and monitor your boats at any time using advanced GPS technology, GlobalTrack not only minimises risk, but also boosts client confidence in your charter services.

Why Charter Manager?
•    It provides crucial information to ensure better management of daily operations and maintenance.
•    It reduces risk via automatic warnings and alerts in perilous situations.
•    It enhances your service offering and safety to clients.

How it works

Charter Manager is a real-time web application that connects to a tracking device (Sat-340) that is installed on your yacht, allowing you to log-in from anywhere in the world to access your fleet information. All information is protected by a unique username and password.

The position and sailing history of all yachts can be monitored on either a map or via a satellite view. In addition, fleet managers receive an overview of all notification alerts. Charter Manager generates information reports relating to charter usage figures for a defined timeframe, number of alert messages sent and sailing history. These reports can be scheduled to run several times daily according to monitoring requirements and are sent by email to an unlimited distribution list. Ad hoc real-time reports can also be accessed at anytime. With just a touch of a button, information on distances travelled, travelling times, and direction and speed of individual yachts is available at your finger tips.


The flexibility of Charter Manager Software allows you to set your own predefined safe zones or prohibited areas so that you are alerted each time a boat enters or exits these zones. These settings can be altered at any time.

Vessels can be grouped according to specific criteria such as boat type and location, and additional security settings ensure extra control over user access. Each user, therefore, has individual permissions according to the fleets they manage.

Always Connected:

With Charter Manager you are always connected and are able to determine your fleet’s position at any time via GPS satellite. Through satellite communication, Charter Manager ensures coverage anywhere in the world.

State-of-the-art servers supporting the application ensure continuous, reliable and fast service around the clock.

Charter Manager offers fleet managers a variety of benefits, including:

Fleet Management

•    Overall improvement of daily operations;
•    Breakdown assistance;
•    Crucial information about your fleet when you need it;
•    Ability to locate the position of your yachts at all times from any computer;
•    Plots the sailing history of each yacht;
•    Issues warning signals which are triggered as soon as your yachts enter prohibited areas;
•    Notification of your yachts’ arrival at predefined locations;
•    Being alerted to clients’ distress signals during a break down or if they need medical assistance, at just the touch of a button;
•    Assists to fulfill the breakdown guarantee; and
•     Verifies charter usage figures at a glance.

Boat Security

Charter Manager sends notifications alerts via email and/or to your cell phone in the following incidences:
•    Theft attempts (the notification is in addition to an alarm that is triggered);
•    Moored boats that drift off;
•    A boat’s disconnection from shore power;
•    As battery voltage drops; and
•    When bilge water reaches a critical level.


Charter Manager offers a fleet management and security solution that ensures peace of mind for your clients. Additional benefits to clients include:
•    Being able to illustrate their sailing history with a private log-in functionality on your website.
•    A quick and effective means of alerting you in distress.
•    Limited access to Charter Manager allows them to view their boat’s sailing history.
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