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NGO’s and Humanitarian Organizations

At a time when safety and security are paramount, the need for highly evolved security measures through effective and reliable satellite tracking systems has become a necessity rather than a luxury. These harsh environments require specialised solutions, however, and it is specifically in these adverse conditions in which Solutions GlobalTrack has developed years of experience.

How does it work?

Each tracking device reads its own position via GPS satellites. Depending on the communication technology of the device, this information is transmitted to one of four communication satellites around the globe or via GSM/GPRS, and then to the GlobalTrack servers for processing.

The information can then be accessed via a secure link to WebTrack or integrated directly into third party security management and monitoring systems.

WebTrack provides factual information rather than estimates, enabling full monitoring of any assets out in the field and thereby dramatically increasing their security. All real-time information can instantly be accessed on screen for immediate use by means of user-friendly maps, overviews and graphs.

With greater ability to manage assets, benefits to humanitarian organization or NGO will include:

Personnel and fleet safety

• Reduce accidents, increase driver safety and reduce risk and accident insurance costs by monitoring aggressive driving behavior such as speeding and use of seatbelts.
• Reduce miscommunication with drivers and enable dynamic trip routing by communicating with personnel directly via the web interface.

Cost Reduction

• Reduce vehicle maintenance costs and wear on vehicles by monitoring mileage and identify unauthorized use.
• Reduce fuel costs and environmental impact by monitoring vehicles’ fuel consumption and detecting fuel fraud.
• Satellite coverage and optional cellular (GPRS) communication ensures the most cost effective means of communication by utilizing the celullar network in terrestrial areas and satellite networks while operating outside celullar coverage areas ensuring full global coverage while keeping cost low.

Fleet Management

• Reduce overheads by using accurate asset register which is accessible only to authorized users.
• Reduce time spent looking for assets with accurate account of all vehicle locations.
• Reduce overheads by tracking monthly mileage and corroboration of logbook entries.
• Increase effectiveness of fleet and reduce fleet sizes by using centralized fleet data for trip scheduling, and capacity planning.
• Eliminate manual vehicle maintenance tracking by using manual and automatic notification on upcoming maintenance tasks for each vehicle.
• Increase effective vehicle life span by redistribution of assets to achieve common utilization and residual values over economical lifecycle.
• Integrate directly into 3rd party software systems such as accounting and ERP software.
• Have safer, more accountable drivers

• Reduction of operating costs

• Reduced fleet sizes that impact on available cash flows

• Reduced insurance risk & premiums

• Remote Management control

• Correlation of data collection ensuring data integrity

• Proactive fleet management

• Reduce & monitoring of environmental impact

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