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a charge to save the environment

Globaltrack is an innovator of industry leading solutions to the transport, logistics, mining, and related industries. We not only endeavour to make transport cheaper, faster, and more profitable – but our award-winning products aim to support green initiatives towards sustainability by enabling operators and business owners to track and measure CO2 emissions of their fleet and individual vehicles.


We are proud to be one of the team sponsors for this year’s Rhino Charge as part of the fundraising efforts of Rhino Ark, a charitable trust registered in Kenya. 


Founded in 1988, the trust responded to the grave crisis facing Kenya’s Black Rhino population in the Aberdare ecosystem. Rhino Ark’s aims to build a fence along sections of the Aberdare National Park in an effort to stop poaching.


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a journey through the wilds of africa

The Rhino Charge is a one day off-road event during which a maximum of 65 competitors are required to visit 13 check points scattered over approximately 100 square kilometres of rough terrain within a 10 hour period.


Supplied with a 1:50,000 scale map of the venue and the GPS coordinates of the 13 control points, each competing team decides the route they want to follow. The winner is the competitor who finishes at the check point where he started having visited all the other check points in the shortest distance (GPS measured).


The Charge is a unique and exciting competition that requires bravery and a high level of skill in off-road driving and navigation. To prevent adverse environmental impact, entries to the event are limited to 65 vehicles. The popularity of the Charge is such that the organisers have introduced a preferential entry strategy favouring high value fund raisers because would be entrants far exceed available places in the event.

This year, Globaltrack is again a sponsor of Team 30, the BaaBaas, who will compete in this year's Rhino Charge which will take place on 3 June. Team 30 has in the past helped the annual Rhino Charge in raising over KSh 1.9 billion for vital projects. Rhino Charge seeks to create a win-win equilibrium that balances the needs of local communities and economies with the goal of protecting nature.


To date Rhino Ark, the organiser of Rhino Charge, has built 650 km of electric fences and through the fencing programmes, over 80,000 families are being protected from the dangers of human-wildlife conflicts. These fences protect critical mountain ranges which are vital ecosystems that support Kenya and Africa’s economic development and well-being.


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Team 30: the baabaas

ready to join the other teams
building the falcon
bolts, nuts, winches and bearings

Preparation for Rhino Charge is tantamount in completing the race. The team from Car 30 have been running a heavily modified 1985 3500cc Range Rover Classic since 2006.


Modifications to The Falcon include locking front/rear diffs, 100% strengthened drive train from gearbox through to hubs, extreme rods, and arms, 40" Good Year tyres and full roll-cage protection. The build also includes a 2nd-hand, twin-motor Giggle-pin winch that worked wonders on the front of the car.


“That's the kit but it means little if you don't also work from nose to tail, tightening each bolt and checking through all electrical wiring. The pre-charge support team spent 3 full weeks on this maintenance overhaul and as a result the car was faultless on the day!”


The Rhino Charge is held in a remote part of Kenya which remains a closely guarded secret until the week of the event. Vague directions are issued 4 days before and teams descend to camp in the bush, have the vehicles scrutinised and finalise any last donations before the race.

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Support Team 30

Each year, Car 30, dubbed The Falcon, is given a fresh new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint.


After wiring, steering, mechanicals and a fresh coat of paint, it is time to put Car 30 through its paces. Testing the vehicle before raceday is a grueling, yet necessary job.

a slight spanner in the works
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-29 at 2.30.49 PM

After some issues with the altenator that was fixed in a frenzied hurry and some last checks, Car 30 leaves for Rhino Charge 2023!

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meet the team
Keep up with the team:

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