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Fuel and Fleet Management

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Solutions for Transport and Logistics Operators

Transport & Logistics

Fuel Management with 98% accuracy and remote vehicle, driver and cargo monitoring for fleet managers and the operators and owners of local and cross-border travelling fleets including satellite tracking, event alerts, driver score cards, trailer tracking and live video

Fuel management for mining and farming

Mining & Farming

Advanced Fuel and Fleet Management Solutions for the tracking and remote monitoring of fuel, equipment and assets with driver monitoring, event alerts and score cards included. Designed for mining and farming operations both local and across the entire African continent

Remote fuel management for property and construction

Property & Construction

Remote monitoring of fuel levels, fuel fill-up events, and decreases for commercial and industrial property managers and construction companies. Suitable for both local and cross-border sites where electricity is dependent on generators with Solar Powered tracking available.

Save on your diesel cost with Fuel ManagementDots

Fuel Management: It's about the ROI

In the competitive landscape of transport and logistics, optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) is paramount. We empower you with industry-leading fuel management, remote monitoring, and tracking solutions, putting your fleet at your fingertips regardless of where they may roam. We understand transport. At the end of the day more control over your fuel expenses, driver behavior, trips and cargo equals more profit.

Solutions for Transport & Logistics Operators

As industry leaders, we offer cutting-edge solutions including advanced fleet management, satellite and GSM-tracking, fuel management, and live remote camera monitoring. Our innovations empower fleet managers and the operators and owners of a variety of fleets across the continent. Webtrack, our award-winning Advanced Fleet Management Software, enhances operations, and ultimately boosts profits. Explore a new era of efficiency and profitability in your business with us

GSM and Satellite tracking for trucksDots
Fuel management with 98% accuracyDots

Save up to 15% on your Fuel Cost

With a 98% accuracy rate, the Fuel Management Solution lets you  easily monitor fuel consumption for each vehicle or your entire fleet, and track current fuel levels in almost real-time. You'll be able to pinpoint wasteful driving habits and get instant alerts for possible fuel theft. Additionally, you can access fuel reports whenever you need them, either on demand or automatically generated. Webtrack, our Advanced Fleet Management Software also helps reconcile fuel purchase slips with the actual amount of diesel received, streamlining your operations.

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Fuel management with A.I.Dots

Fuel Management with A.I.

A.I. Fuel Management where cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology meets transport and logistics operators' and fleet managers’ daily operational needs, helping them uncover blind spots in their fleet’s diesel consumption in the blink of an eye. Gain unparalleled insights, enabling you to exercise greater control over your diesel fuel usage with our intuitive, user-friendly Fuel Management Dashboard. Enhance your fleet’s operational efficiency and increase your profitability. Remove the guess work and make informed decisions based on actual fleet data while accessing powerful comparative tools of industry standards and norms.

Remotely monitor your bulk dieselDots

Remote Bulk Diesel Monitoring

Our bulk diesel monitoring system let's you see INSIDE your bulk fuel bowser without leaving your control room or office. Replace inefficient, outdated tech which are inaccurate with up to 15% to the 98% accuracy levels of the Globaltrack Automated Tank Gauging Solution (ATG). Each ATG Installation is custom calibrated to the dimensions and capacity of the specific bulk fuel bowser it is reporting on. Receive automated reports when you choose or check in at any time on the current fuel levels of a single bulk diesel tank or your entire bulk fuel level.

Explore ATG
Satellite tracking for trucksDots

DUO Satellite Tracking

Enjoy guaranteed connectivity to your vehicles, cargo, and drivers with DUO Satellite Tracking Solutions. True satellite tracking ensures an uninterrupted view of your fleet, even in areas with low or no GSM coverage. Say goodbye to roaming fees and unpredictable bills; know upfront what your tracking expenses will be. Receive instant alerts for route deviations, driver violations, and other incidents, keeping you informed in real-time. Access trip and route reports whenever you need them, either on demand or automatically generated. Additionally, you can request the current location, set up geofences and waypoints, and receive notifications when a vehicle enters or exits a specific geographical point, enhancing your control and efficiency.

Satellite Tracking
Remote camera monitoring of drivers, trucks and cargoDots

Camera Solutions

Our Camera Solutions offers live video and sound streaming on demand directly to your phone or PC. With this system, you can conveniently monitor the driver, the road, and the cargo from any remote location. Choose from 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel systems to suit your specific needs. Enjoy the peace of mind with 60 days of recorded footage and audio readily available for review. Receive instant Incident Playback Alerts, allowing you to react promptly to any unforeseen events. Additionally, monitor driver fatigue and behavior, enhancing safety measures and reducing operational risks. With irrefutable video evidence at your disposal, Camera Solutions provides an invaluable asset in protecting your business interests.

Camera Solutions

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"Our operations in Africa are large to say the least. Globaltrack has helped us to stay on top of our independent contractors, having full visibility of our operations at all times, even offering us a personalised dashboard for our operations" - Super Group

"After only being with Globaltrack for a short time, we have yet to find another tracking company that offers the same level of service. They were able to integrate our existing tracking systems with their web-based management software with ease" - MANLINE Freight

"Our operations in Africa are large to say the least. Globaltrack has helped us to stay on top of our independent contractors, having full visibility of our operations at all times, even offering us a personalised dashboard for our operations" - Lafarge Cement