Fuel and Fleet Management Solutions

Save on your bottom line with the Globaltrack Fuel Management System

Increase your fleet's efficiency and your profit with advanced fuel management technology for diesel trucks and equipment.

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At Globaltrack, we redefine excellence in the transport, logistics, mining, and related sectors. As industry leaders, we offer cutting-edge solutions including advanced fleet management, satellite and GSM-tracking, fuel management, and live remote camera monitoring.


Our innovations empower fleet managers and the operators and owners of a variety of fleets across the continent. Webtrack, our award-winning Advanced Fleet Management Software, enhances operations, and ultimately boosts profits.


Explore a new era of efficiency and profitability in your business with us.


Fuel Management and Remote Monitoring

We offer industry-leading fleet management solutions for a range of fleets. Choose yours here:

Transport & Logistics

Fuel Management with 98% accuracy and remote vehicle, driver and cargo monitoring for fleet managers and the operators and owners of local and cross-border travelling fleets including satellite tracking and live video.

Mining & Farming

Fuel Management with 98% accuracy and remote equipment, asset and driver monitoring for the construction, farming and yellow equipment leasing industries both local and across the entire African continent.

Property Related

Remote monitoring of fuel levels, fuel fill-up events, and decreases for commercial and industrial property managers and owners. Suitable for both local and cross-border sites where electricity is dependent on generators.

Fuel Management: It's about the ROI

In the competitive landscape of transport and logistics, optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) is paramount. We empower you with industry-leading fuel management, remote monitoring, and tracking solutions, putting your fleet at your fingertips regardless of where they may roam.


We understand transport. At the end of the day more control over your fuel expenses, driver behavior, trips and cargo equals more profit.

Webtrack for accurate Fuel Management

Webtrack, our award-winning fleet management software revolutionizes the way your businesses monitor and optimizes fleet operations. Track fuel, drivers, trips and cargo from your PC or phone. Real-time BI to make real-time decisions that impact your bottom line.

Advanced Fuel Management

Our Fuel Management Solution puts you in the driver's seat with your foot on the pedal. Considering that fuel stands as one of the most expensive input costs for transport and logistics operators, it's essential to have a real-time view of fuel consumption and to receive immediate notifications of any fuel theft. Whether zooming in on a single vehicle or route, or evaluating your entire fleet's current fuel levels and consumption, the Fuel Management Solution puts you in control of every drop of diesel you purchase. View your fleet’s fuel consumption at a glance or deep dive into the underlying trends developing or needing correction.

Save on your fleet's fuel

  • 98% accuracy
  • View fuel consumption for individual vehicles or your entire fleet
  • View current fuel levels in near real-time
  • Identify wasteful driving styles
  • Receive immediate alerts of potential fuel theft
  • On demand or automated Fuel Reports
  • Automatically reconcile Fuel Purchase Slips with the actual liters of diesel you received
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A.I. Diesel Management

A.I. Fuel Management where cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology meets transport and logistics operators' and fleet managers’ daily operational needs, helping them uncover blind spots in their fleet’s diesel consumption in the blink of an eye.


Gain unparalleled insights, enabling you to exercise greater control over your diesel fuel usage with our intuitive, user-friendly Fuel Management Dashboard. Enhance your fleet’s operational efficiency and increase your profitability. Remove the guess work and make informed decisions based on actual fleet data while accessing powerful comparative tools of industry standards and norms.


Calculate how much you could be saving
Automated Tank Gauging let's you see INSIDE your bulk diesel tanks remotely

Bulk Diesel Monitoring

Our bulk diesel monitoring system let's you see INSIDE your bulk fuel bowser without leaving your control room or office. Replace inefficient, outdated tech which are inaccurate with up to 15% to the 98% accuracy levels of the Globaltrack Automated Tank Gauging Solution (ATG).


Each ATG Installation is custom calibrated to the dimensions and capacity of the specific bulk fuel bowser it is reporting on. Receive automated reports when you choose or check in at any time on the current fuel levels of a single bulk diesel tank or your entire bulk fuel level. 

  • 98% accuracy
  • Instantly compare bulk diesel purchased to actual liters of diesel received
  • Alerts of dispense and fill-up events
  • Automate your bulk diesel delivery
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Borderless, true satellite tracking

We specialize in providing unparalleled satellite tracking solutions tailored exclusively for commercial transport and logistics operators who operate across borders. With our advanced satellite technology and deep industry expertise, we redefine how you oversee your fleet's movements, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and significant cost savings for your fleet operation across the entire African continent. Discover true satellite tracking. See your fleet anywhere in Africa, even in areas with low or no GSM-coverage.

DUO: True Satellite Tracking

  • Guaranteed connectivity to your vehicles, cargo and drivers
  • True satellite tracking that ensures an uninterrupted view of your fleet, regardless of whether they travel in areas where there is low or no GSM coverage
  • Zero roaming fees. Know upfront what your tracking bill is going to be
  • Advanced Fleet Management
  • Receive immediate alerts of route deviations, driver violations and other incidents
  • On demand or automated Trip and Route Reports
  • Request current location and/ or setup Geofences and Waypoints and be notified when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific geographical point
Learn more about the DUO Satellite Tracking Solution

Camera Solutions

  • Live video and sound on demand from your phone or PC
  • Remotely view the driver, the road and the cargo
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 Channel Systems
  • 60 Days recorded footage and audio
  • Receive immediate Incident Playback Alerts
  • Monitor driver fatigue and behavior
  • Irrefutable video evidence reduces your operational risk
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With Camera Solution, you're not just getting a set of lenses; you're gaining real-time insight and control. Picture this: a product available in versatile 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel configurations, designed to offer live views of the road, the driver, or the cargo, right at your fingertips with Playback Alerts, a tamper-proof installation and 60 days of recorded footage and sound stored.

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