Satellite Tracking Solution

True Satellite Tracking for Cross-border Transporters

Satellite tracking for trucks
Satellite Tracking

Track your fleet anywhere in Africa

Overcome cross-border logistical and operational challenges with the Globaltrack DUO Satellite Tracking Solution. Monitor and control your fleet and your bottom line from anywhere in Africa, to anywhere in Africa. Improved efficiency, less risk and Business Intelligence at your fingertips that empowers you to make data-driven decisions with real-time impact on your fleet’s efficiency, safety and performance.

Guaranteed Connectivity

Smart Switch

The DUO switches from GSM to Satellite tracking in areas where GSM reception is poor or unavailable

Zero Roaming Fees Charged

Zero Roaming Fees

Know upfront what your monthly tracking costs will be. The DUO comes with zero additional roaming charges

Real-time satellite tracking

Real-time Tracking

24/7 Visibility on drivers & vehicles. Remotely monitor your fleet wherever in Africa they may be roam

Designed for Cross-border Transporters

Remotely monitor your fleet across Africa with the DUO Satellite Tracking Solution: True Satellite Tracking for Transport and Logistics Operators with Advanced fleet Management at a single monthly fee and zero roaming cost.

Designed for Cross-border transportersDots
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots

Guaranteed connectivity to your fleet

Our state-of-the-art DUO Satellite Tracking Solution ensures uninterrupted control and remote monitoring of your fleet with instant alerts, industry-leading accuracy and zero roaming costs. You know upfront what your fleet’s monthly tracking bill is going to be.

A tailor-made satellite tracking solution for cross-border commercial transport, the DUO provides real-time remote tracking, precise fleet location, route optimization, driver monitoring and comprehensive analytics across the African continent.

Borderless Fleet Management

Stay informed with instant notifications when vehicles enter or exit specific areas, enhancing security and control over your operations, regardless of whether your fleet asets travel in low or no GSM-coverage areas.

DUO efficiently monitor routes, trip times, fuel consumption, and driver behavior through our advanced, intuitive Webtrack Feet Management Software. Access detailed trip and route reports on-demand or schedule automatic delivery to your email inbox, enabling timely analysis and decision-making.

We make transport more efficient and profitableDots
Location Alerts via Satellite Tracking
Location Alerts

Setup Geofences and Waypoints and be alerted when a vehicles passes, enters or leaves a specific geographical beacon wherever in Africa they might be

Route Optimization  via Satellite Tracking
Route Optimization

Monitor routes and trip times, fuel consumption and driver behavior for specific routes or trips to increase profitability

Remote Driver Monitoring  via Satellite Tracking
Driver Monitoring

Monitor driver behavior through Driver Score Cards that highlights speeding, harsh braking, excessive idling etc. on-demand or via automatic reporting.

Maintenance Planning  via Satellite Tracking
Fleet Maintenance Planning

Set reminders for upcoming fleet maintenance or for the renewal of vehicle & driver PDP licenses and receive automated alerts before due

Reduced risk  via Satellite Tracking
Reduced Operational Risk

Monitor consecutive hours driven, driving violations & overall driver wellness. Target driver training and improve safety ratings with data-backed reports

Business Intelligence  via Satellite Tracking

On demand or automated data-based reports ensures that your business decisions are based on real time data and business intelligence

Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots
DUO Satellite Tracking + Fuel Management

Whether you choose to access our award-winning Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management system on your PC or from the mobile app, you are in complete control, around the clock.

A.I. Fuel Management Solution together with DUO Satellite Tracking puts you in the driving seat and your foot on the diesel pedal, regardless of how many vehicles you operate or where they may roam across Africa.

Around the clock customer support and care
Around the clock Customer Care and Support

As our valued client, you will have the benefit of our Customer Care Department. Your dedicated Customer Care Specialist will assist with any of your needs relating to training, health checks, reports, upsells or any client query you need to resolve. Whether it is via calls, emails, Whatsapp or face to face.