Automated Tank Gauging

Remotely monitor your bulk diesel fuel with cutting-edge precision from the comfort of your control room, office or phone with the Automated Tank Gauging Solution (ATG)

Automate your next bulk diesel fill-up
Fuel Management for bulk diesel
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

Replace outdated, inaccurate technology

What is the best way to measure bulk diesel consumption and diesel levels? Older manual methods such as flow sensors, dip sticks, float sensors etc. are prone to error margins of up to 15%. This means that you do not have a clear perspective on a very expensive input cost.

The potential risk is that you could be blindsided with hundreds of liters not accurately reported on or not being aware of diesel being pilfered from your bulk diesel bowser. With diesel being a valuable and expensive input cost, the financial implications are dire.

See How Bulk Diesel is Managed Remotely
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98% Reporting Accuracy

The ATG empowers you with a 24/7 view from INSIDE the bulk diesel bowser that is 98% accurate in it's reporting. The data generated is easily accessible in one-click reports. View the current diesel levels on an invidivual diesel bowser or an entire tank farm. Immediately and accurately know when the diesel levels increase or decrease in your diesel tanks.

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98% Accuracy on the diesel levels in your bowserDots
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots

SARS-compliant Reporting

Claim your Diesel Rebate from the SARS Diesel Refund System with accurate fill-up reports that can be automatically reconciled to supplier delivery notes or diesel slips.

  • Reports adheres to stipulations of SARS Diesel Refund System

  • Real time stock view across all tanks on all sites

  • Efficient, one-click Diesel Purchase Report

  • Drastically reduce your administrative burden when claiming Diesel Rebate from SARS

Calibrated Insight On Your Bulk Diesel Tanks

Each ATG Installation is done with precision by trained personnel and customized to the specific dimensions of the bulk diesel tank to be monitored. A calibration certificate is issued which gives you peace of mind that you can expect up to 98% accuracy when monitoring or checking the bulk diesel levels in your tanks.

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Insights into your bulk diesel consumption
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots

Monitor Every Liter Of Bulk Diesel You Purchase

Digital tags can be allocated to drivers of trucks or equipment, allowing you to identify your vehicles remotely. The digital tags activates the diesel pump, allowing you to see who fills up with what, when. Consumption, based on time elapsed since last fill-up, allows you to track operating hours.

  • Prevent unauthorized fill-ups

  • Bring an end to diesel theft

  • Track and predict your bulk diesel consumption

Allocating Driver Identification Tags means that diesel can only be pumped with a tag that identifies a specific vehicles or driver.

Benefits of the ATG Bulk Fuel Management System

Automate your next bulk diesel fill-up

The biggest loss in bulk fuel is not at the dispensing nozzle, it is at the moment of fill up. Suppliers base your invoice on inaccurate, non-calibrated devices. Close the money gap with data-based proof

Predict your diesel use with the ATG Solution

Instantly confirm whether a fill up or dispensing event matches the anticipated quantity of liters ordered or the size of the vehicle tank receiving the intake

Confirm if the diesel you paid for, is the diesel you received

Instantly confirm or allocate the quantity of liters dispensed into a specific vehicles tank, even if you do not know the amount of fuel required beforehand

Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users
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