Remote Video Camera Monitoring Solutions

Camera Solution for Transport and Logistics Operators means that you're not just getting a set of lenses, you are joining every trip with Advanced Fleet Management at your fingertips

See the driver, the road and the cargo with remote camera monitoring
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Real-time Audio and Video footage on demand

Camera Solution for Transport and Logistics Operators means that you're not just getting a set of lenses, you're gaining real-time insight and control over your drivers, cargo and vehicles.

Picture this: Remote Video Monitoring that available in versatile 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel configurations, designed to offer live views of the road, the driver, or the cargo, right at your fingertips.

Imagine having the power to monitor your fleet in action, make split-second decisions, and ensure the safety of both your drivers and your assets with Advanced Fleet Management Software delivering audio an video footage in real-time.

How will this benefit my fleet?
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See the driver, road and cargo live

Say goodbye to blind spots and hello to enhanced control, security, and peace of mind. Embrace a new era of visibility with Camera Solution – where every road, every driver, and every valuable cargo is within your reach. Explore the power of real-time monitoring and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Welcome to a safer, more connected future for your fleet.

  • On demand video and sound footage

  • Receive event-related playback alerts

  • Available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 Channel Installations

  • Access footage on the go: View on mobile app or PC

  • Up to 60 Days recorded video and sound

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It's like being there without being there

The Camera Solution seamlessly integrates with Webtrack, our award-winning Fleet Management Software, bringing an unparalleled level of convenience to your operations. Access live feeds, play back footage, receive playback alerts and stay informed about your fleet's movements. Whether you need to review past journeys, address security concerns, or optimize routes for efficiency, Camera Solution and Webtrack have you covered.

The ultimate in tamper-proof, remote video monitoring:

  • Internal hard drive records continuously, even when vehicles travel across borders. Simply download the footage when they return

  • Installed in tamper proof casings

  • Immediate alert of cable cutting/ power down

  • Fully integrated with Webtrack, our Advanced Fleet Management Software

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Less risk and improved Driver Safety

By leveraging real-time video surveillance, transport and logistics operators can proactively address challenges associated with driver safety and risk management. The proactive approach of investing in real-time remote camera monitoring not only enables swift response to potential incidents but also fosters a culture of accountability and adherence to safety protocols.

Applying video footage to your Driver Training Programmes ensures data-backed training outcomes and real-world scenarios.

The Camera Solutions guarantees you of irrefutable proof and evidence post-event that includes video and sound footage of the incident.

  • Lower your operational risk

  • Improve Driver Safety

  • Lower your insurance risk

  • Have irrefutable proof for insurance claims or disciplinary proceedings

  • Utilize video footage for training purposes

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We make transport more efficient and profitable

Product Features

2,4,6 or 8 Channel Camera Systems to choose from

Choose between 2,4,6 or 8-Channel installation that delivers uninterrupted high resolution video & audio footage of the driver, road and cargo on demand

60 Days of Recorded Audio and Video Footage

Access up to 60 days recorded visual and audio footage. 2TB Terabyte internal hard drive from which footage can be accessed over the air

Tamper-proof casing fitted during installation of camera solutions.

Externally mounted cameras are secured in tamper-proof casings and the internal, cab-facing cameras will record tampering attempts. Each installation is certified.

Receive video playback and event alerts

Receive instant events-related Playback Alerts delivered by Push Messaging or Email and view the footage remotely from your phone

Driver score cards on deman

See fatigue & safety concerns on screen. Have proof of cell phone use or smoking in the cab. Record unauthorized stops or passengers.

View cargo remotely with Camera Solutions

Peace of mind that driver incidents and security events involving traffic and cargo are backed up with sound and video proof for training purposes etc.

Around the clock customer support and care
Around the clock Customer Care and Support

As our valued client, you will have the benefit of our Customer Care Department. Your dedicated Customer Care Specialist will assist with any of your needs relating to training, health checks, reports, upsells or any client query you need to resolve. Whether it is via calls, emails, Whatsapp or face to face.