Tracking Fuel in Construction and Property

Efficiently manage construction and property costs by closely monitoring bulk diesel consumption

Track fuel in yellow and construction equipment
Fuel and Fleet Management in Construction and Property

Remotely track fuel consumption on-site

The consumption of diesel fuel on construction sites represents a significant portion of operating expenses and project costs.

Closely monitoring its consumption helps to control expenses and ultimately contributes to your profitability. By obtaining data directly from the bulk diesel bowser with a calibrated, in-tank fuel probe that sends data to Webtrack, our advanced fleet management software, project and property managers can gain accurate and real-time insights into current fuel levels and consumption.

Remotely track fuel on-site for constructionDots
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

How wil my operations benefit?

ATG facilitates remote monitoring of diesel fuel levels, eliminating the need for physical inspections and saving time and resources, which is particularly beneficial in large construction sites and commercial properties with scattered tanks.

ATG can detect fuel pilferage and unauthorized usage of equipment, issuing instant alerts via email and SMS, allowing prompt action to address such issues and bolster security measures. Webtrack automates reconciliation processes by matching supplier delivery notes to actual liters received

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GPS: What is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite-based navigation system that provides data from anywhere on or near the Earth's surface, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

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How it is powered?

Our Satellite Tracking Devices (DUO) are built for African conditions. Reliable, rugged and tamper-proof, the DUO is designed to be OEM-compatible with a backup-up battery as part of the standard installation.

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Is it guaranteed?

Because connectivity via Satellites is not dependent on GSM-coverage, you are guaranteed that you will have 24/7 visibility on your fleet, drivers, cargo and assets even in area with low or no cell phone reception.

Can I use ATG to claim my diesel refund from SARS?

Yes! The Automated Tank Gauging Solution (ATG) comes with on-demand, SARS-compliant reports. This means that you can use the ATG to claim your SARS Diesel Rebate.

With an accuracy of up to 98% on consumption and diesel received figures that is data-backed with a calibrated installation delivering readings directly from inside your bulk diesel bowser's tanks - you have a fool-proof method of claiming back exactly how much tax is owed to you.

The ATG also has the benefit of automatically reconciling supplier diesel slips/ delivery notes to the actual quanityt of liters of diesel received.

ATG generates SARS-compliant reports
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

What if I am using generators on site?

Generator Solution is fully integrated with Webtrack, our Advanced Fleet Management Solution. You can access current fuel levels and conscise reports on demand via your PC or mobile device. Reports can also be scheduled to be delivered automatically on set dates or time-intervals.

Generator Solutions has the added benefit of immediate alerts that are delivered by SMS or Email to enable you to know exactly when a generator records a sudden decrease or when a fill-up event happens.

Generator Solution also informs you when the generator reaches a certain low-level of fuel which means that you will know exactly which generators needs a refill.