What is Automated Tank Gauging?

Automated Tank Gauging (ATG) utilizes physical probes equipped with sensors to measure bulk diesel consumption remotely

Automatically measure your bulk diesel remotely
Fuel and Fleet Management for bulk diesel users

Monitoring your bulk diesel from inside the bowser

The data collected by the probe is then relayed through GSM or satellite units to a centralized system, such as Webtrack, an advanced fleet management system. These communication units transmit the data wirelessly to ensure real-time monitoring and tracking of your bulk diesel and it's consumption.
Automated Tank Gauging (ATG) is a system used to monitor the level of liquid, such as diesel, in bulk storage tanks. In this case, a physical probe is inserted into a bulk diesel bowser to measure the level of fuel inside. This probe is equipped with sensors that accurately detect the level of diesel in the tank.

Monitoring your bulk diesel from inside the bowserDots
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

How will ATG benefit my operations?

Automated Tank Gauging gives you accurate, up-to-date insight from inside your bulk diesel bowsers with up to 98% accuracy. Each installation is a ceritfied procedure that is customized to the dimensions of your specific bulk diesel bowser.

Early detection of fuel level abnormalities allows for prompt maintenance, preventing costly fuel losses and equipment damage. Automated Tank Gauging enhances compliance with regulations and internal policies, promoting accountability among drivers and reducing the risk of fuel theft.

Automatically keep track of your bulk diesel consumption

An eye on every liter you buy

ATG enables you to remotely view the current fuel levels of a single bulk diesel bowser or a group of bulk diesel bowsers. Immediate alerts of fill-up and dispensing events means that you have an eye on every single liter of diesel you purchase.

Remotely monitor the consumption of your bulk diesel

Automaticly keep track of cost

ATG and Webtrack together gives you the ability to effortlessly reconcile diesel purchase slips/ delivery notes with the actual liters of diesel that you have received. Share data with suppliers and pre-empt your next fill-up date.

ATG produces SARS-compliant reports

SARS Compliant Reporting

ATG makes claiming back your diesel rebate from the SARS Diesel Refund System a breeze! SARS Compliant reports can be automated or accessed on demand which will drastically reduce your admin burden.