Remote Monitoring with Cameras

Remote video monitoring of your vehicles, cargo, drivers, and the ongoing traffic and road conditions

Remote video monitoring of vehicles, drivers and traffic
Remote camera monitoring

What are the benefits of video monitoring for transport and logistics operators?

Remote video monitoring of your vehicles, cargo, drivers, and the ongoing traffic and road conditions while your fleet is operational plays a crucial role in enhancing security, safety, efficiency, and compliance for transport and logistics operators. Remote video monitoring will improve your operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety track record. Having video footage of events as irrefutable proof minimizes your risk in disciplinary actions and during insurance claims.

Remotely monitor your truck
You can remotely view the driver, the road and the traffic

It's like being there, without being there

By monitoring your fleet and drivers' activities in real-time, including your cargo and the surrounding road conditions and traffic, fleet managers and operators can ensure compliance with safety protocols while collecting fail-proof evidence for insurance purposes. It helps identify risky behaviors, such as speeding or reckless driving, enabling timely interventions to prevent accidents.

Remote Video Monitoring assists you with video and sound footage to re-examine events for up to 60 days after they had taken place.

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More eyes on your fleet means less risk for you

Video and sound footage helps operators and fleet managers to demonstrate compliance with road and safety regulations by providing visual evidence of adherence to established procedures which can be used to optimize and focus driver training. Reduce the likelihood of accidents and lower insurance risk.
Remote Video Monitoring enables operators and fleet managers to track shipments in real-time, providing customers with accurate updates on delivery status and ensuring timely and reliable service. It also facilitates prompt resolution of customer inquiries and complaints.

Remotely view cargo with the Camera Solution

What Systems Are Available?

We understand transport. We have designed 2,4, 8 and 8 Channel Camera Solutions that is suitable for all types of fleets and can be configured to your specific needs

View the road ahead and behind your truck with Camera Solutions

What will I be able to see?

Depending on the configuration you decide on, you will be able to see the driver, the road, the cargo and even the road behind your vehicle. The footage will include the surrounding traffic.

View up to 60 days audio and video footage with Camera Solution

How do I access the footage?

Camera Solutions are fully integrated with our Advanced Fleet Management Software, Webtrack. You can access video and sound footage for up to 60 days and can be viewed live

Camera installed in tamper-proof casing
Can't drivers or criminals just disconnect it?

No. The Camera Solution seamlessly integrates with Webtrack, our award-winning Fleet Management Software and the footage and sound is available to watch and download in real-time. That means you have access to the footage and sound around the clock and from the comfort of your control room or office, both on PC and Mobile App

The Camera Solution will alert you immediately if an event occurred, triggering an Event Playback Alert.

On top of that, the Camera Solution was designed to be housed within a tamper-proof casing. You will receive an immediate alert if there is tampering suspected. This includes when cables are cut or when the units are powered down.

The internal hard drives records continiously, even if the vehicle is in an area with low or no GSM reception.

Whether you need to review past journeys, address security concerns, or optimize routes for efficiency, Camera Solution and Webtrack have you covered.