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We value a multicultural and diverse company culture
Career Opportunities at Globaltrack


We value a multicultural and diverse company culture. Our associates are independent minded individuals, sharing in a common goal and strategies.

Self-starters and self-motivated are encouraged, in fact it is bred in our culture. Our team of professionals are young, dynamic and enthusiastic.

Our associates are independent minded individualsDots
We might then just be the tribe you are looking to joinDots


You aim to WIN- You continually strive to be better, know more and push the envelope of what you think you can achieve. Sounds familiar? We might then just be the tribe you are looking to join.

You have to be warned: we are laser focused and we set high standards for ourselves and are maniacally driven to achieve them. We encounter hard problems, and we are great at fixing them TOGETHER.

We grow people - We believe that to become a Globaltracker you stretch yourself i.e. you are a bit uncomfortable - all the time


As your potential employer, we of course want to see your CV and hear about your skills and experience, but we also want to get to know more about the type of person you are beyond your qualifications and previous employment.  By asking you to complete an online assessment we are able to identify if you have certain key personality traits that will be required to be successful in our high paced environment.

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Select a vacancy that you would like to apply for from those listed below

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Click on "Complete Online assessment" and complete the questions

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Click on "Tell us about yourself" and complete your personal details such as uploading your CV etc.

We might then just be the tribe you are looking to joinDots

Installations Technician Intern

If you have a technical background, are honest, reliable,accurate, methodical and dedicated to being laser focused on your career ambitions, you are invited to apply. These positions will be in Sandton, Johannesburg and in Durban, Kwazulu Natal.

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