Remote Fuel Management for Generators

See inside your generator's fuel tanks from the comfort of your office or control room

Fuel and Fleet Management

See inside your generators' Fuel tanks

Fuel Management for Generators with calibrated precision ensuring industry-leading accuracy is critical for companies faced with the ongoing Load Shedding in South Africa and those businesses who rely on generators to keep their doors open.

The Generator Solution utilizes an accurate and calibrated fuel probe, combined with our advanced fleet management software Webtrack, ensuring that you have constant view and control on diesel levels in your fleet of generators. Guaranteed electricity, minimum risk of running dry and a significant increase in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your generators.

How Tracking Fuel in Generators Works
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Instant Alerts for Low Fuel Levels

Receive instant low fuel level alerts or monitor the current fuel level in a single generator or view all the fuel levels of your entire fleet of generators from the comfort of your office and on your phone.

Product Features

Around the clock visibility on the diesel in your generators

24/7 Visibility on the current, individual levels of fuel in your generators' fuel tanks. Instant alerts when the fuel level increases, decreases significantly or when levels reach a certain low point

SARS-compliant reporting

With accurate reports that reconcile to your purchase slips/ delivery notes from diesel suppliers, you can effortlessly claim your diesel rebate from the SARS Diesel Refund System.

Autoamtically plan your generator refuel

Stop guessing and start knowing the exact level of fuel left in your generators' fuel tanks. Receive an automated alert when fuel levels dip below 10% and nevery run dry

Automatically Reconcile Supplier Slips

Each Generator Solution is installed and calibrated to the specific volume of the fuel tank it reports on. You can rely on up to 98% accuracy when viewing current diesel fuel levels.

This enables you to accurately control if the diesel you paid for, is the diesel you received inside the generators' tanks. Automatically reconcile supplier delivery slips to liters received with Automated Reports that are available on demand too.

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Around the clock Customer Care and Support

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