Tracking Fuel in Mining Operations

Efficiently monitor bulk diesel cost and consumption in mining operations remotely

Tracking Fuel in Mining
Fuel and Fleet Management in Mining

Tracking Fuel Consumption in Mining Operations Remotely

Diesel represents a significant portion of operating expenses in mining. Closely monitoring its cost and consumption helps to control expenses and optimize budget allocation.

As diesel is a vital resource for powering mining equipment and machinery, understanding consumption patterns ensures efficient utilization and minimizes downtime due to fuel shortages.

By obtaining data directly from the bulk diesel bowser with a calibrated, in-tank fuel probe that sends data to Webtrack, an advanced fleet management software, mining operators gain accurate and real-time insights into fuel levels and usage.

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Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

How will my mining operations benefit?

ATG for Mining provides on-demand consumption reports, offering accurate insights into fuel usage patterns crucial for optimizing operations and making informed decisions about fuel management.

ATG for Mining can detect fuel pilferage and unauthorized usage, sending instant alerts via email and Push Messages.

Webtrack, our Advanced Fleet Management Software, automates reconciliation processes by matching supplier delivery notes to actual liters received, reducing discrepancies and ensuring accurate inventory management.

Remotely monitor fuel on your mine

Remote Monitoring

Automated Tank Gauging for mining allows you to remotely view the current fuel levels and consumption reports with instant alerts of fill-up and decrease events

Guarding diesel cost in mining operations

Cost Guarding

Instant alerts on fill-up events with up to 98% accuracy means that you know exactly how much diesel is received or dispensed from your bulk diesel bowsers

SARS Compliant Reporting for Diesel Refund

SARS Compliant

Reconcile supplier delivery notes/ slips with actual liters of diesel received and access SARS compliant reporting on diesel expenses with the click of a button

ATG will improve the profit of your mine

How will it influence the operational cost of my mine?

Data-backed consumption reports enables you to negotiate better pricing by accurately assessing past volumes of diesel used or predicting low-level dates

By installing the Automated Tank Gauging system, you are no longer reliant on menial administrative tasks to get to calculating the value of your diesel rebate. Human error is replaced with certified, calibrated equipment. ATG offers a one-click solution for your bulk diesel stock with SARS-compliant Diesel Purchasing Reports.