What is GSM Tracking?

GSM tracking utilizes GPS devices in vehicles to relay location and data

GSM Tracking utilizes GPS devices in vehicles to relay data
GSM Tracking

GSM Tracking Explained

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) tracking is a technology used by fleet managers and operators to monitor and track the movements of vehicles in their fleet using mobile networks. Here's how it generally works: Each vehicle in the fleet is equipped with one of our GPS tracking device. These devices use GPS satellites to determine the vehicle's precise location and to relay various data bits. The GPS tracking device communicates with Webtrack, our fleet management system using GSM technology. GSM allows for the transmission of data over cellular networks. The device sends location data, along with other relevant information such as vehicle speed, direction, driver violations etc., to the Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management System..

GSM Tracking and Fleet Management solutions
Remotely monitor your trucks and drivers

Remotely Monitor

Fleet managers and operators can use the information provided by the fleet management system to monitor vehicle movements, optimize routes, improve driver behavior, and enhance overall fleet efficiency and more profitably.

GSM Tracking with Alerts

Proactive Alerts

Webtrack  can be configured to send alerts and notifications based on predefined criteria. For example, managers can receive alerts for speeding, unauthorized vehicle use, or deviations from planned routes. This enables you to act proactively.

Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management

Reports on Tap

Fleet management systems typically offer reporting features that allow managers to generate various reports based on historical data. These reports can provide insights into vehicle utilization, driver performance, fuel efficiency, and other key metrics.

Webtrack empowers fleet managers with real data

How will my fleet benefit from GSM?

Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management Software enables fleet managers to track vehicle locations in real-time using GSM technology, ensuring they have updated information for effective monitoring.

Our GSM Tracking Solution enhances fleet security by monitoring vehicle movements and sending instant alerts in case of unauthorized use or theft, allowing managers to take immediate action.

Remotely monitor driver behavior, identify unsafe or wasteful driving habits like speeding or harsh braking.

Satellite Tracking for Crossborder Transporters

More than a dot on a map

Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management Software aids fleet managers in scheduling regular maintenance tasks based on GSM-tracked vehicle data, reducing breakdown risks and extending vehicle lifespan.

Webtrack also supports compliance management by tracking driver hours, vehicle inspections, and emissions compliance, ensuring adherence to regulations.

The GSM Tracking Solution provides robust data analysis and reporting features, empowering managers to generate comprehensive reports on vehicle performance, driver productivity, and fuel efficiency.