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We value our customers an we offer unlimited, free training to the users of our award-winning Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management System

Fuel and Fleet Management

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Register for and join one of our online Webtrack classes where you will be greeted by a dedicated Customer Care Specialist. All classes are free of charge to registered Webtrack users. Our classes are interactive, which means that you will be able to ask questions and engage with our trainer. After completing class, you will receive an invite to complete an online assessment. An official Webtrack Certificate will be issued once you successfully complete assessment!

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Level 1

Introduction to Webtrack

In this class you will receive an Overview of Webtrack, its functionality and capabilities. You wil also learn how to setup users and notifications

1. Loging-in and Navigation on Webtrack (Landing Page)
2. Basic track and trace
3. Tracking Reports
4. Geofencing and waypoint creations
5. Account and Notification Set up (Drivers, Users and Accounts)

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Level 2

Reports, Fuel & Driver Management

In Level 2 we deepdive into reports, Fuel Management and Driver Behaviour

1. Reports available for reporting
2. Fuel Reconciliation
3. Monitoring of Fuel increases and Decreases
4. Validating Decreases (Events Report)
5. Fuel ConsumptionDriver Behaviour, violations and score cards 

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Level 3

Managing Fleet Assets, Incidents & Profiles

In this class you will gain a deeper understanding on how to manage fleet assets, incidents and profiles

1. Maintenance function ie: Spares, Service
2. Accident & Incidents, Driver management
3. Managing Fleet Assets, Incidents and Profiles

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