Monitor the location and movement of your trailers remotely using true Satellite Tracking technology

Satellite Tracking for Trailers
Trailer tracking
Track your trailers anywhere and on demandDots

Track your trailers anywhere

Aimed at local and cross-border transport and logistics operators, our borderless satellite tracking system allows you to monitor your trailers seamlessly across any country or in any region.

From your control room or office, remotely manage your fleet of trailers with real-time data collected through satellite and accessible via Webtrack, our award-winning Advanced Fleet Management software.

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Automated Trailer Movement Alerts

With the ability to set up Geofences and Waypoints, you will receive alerts when a trailers passes, enters, or exits specific locations. You can also setup movement alerts to be notified when a trailer starts or ends a trip.

See the precise location of your trailers
24/7 View on trailers with instant alerts of movement in any region
Optimize fleet utilization and identify standing or idle assets
Optimize fleet utilization and identify standing or idle assets
On demand view on the location of your trailers
On demand location view on PC or Mobile App

Seamless Trailer Tracking

Remote Location Monitoring, Instant Alerts, and Round-the-Clock Surveillance for Fleet Efficiency

  • Monitor the location and movement of your trailers remotely

  • Receive instant alerts via email/ SMS when a trailer starts moving

  • 24/7 View on your trailers, even in areas with no GSM

  • Trip & Route reports of trailer movements

  • Identify assets that are not being used or are standing idle and optimize your fleet utilization

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Monitor trailer movement and location


Designed in Africa for African conditions:

  • Designed for local and cross border transport and logistics operators

  • Borderless satellite tracking. See your trailers in any country

  • Remotely manage your fleet of trailers from your control room or office. Data is collected through satellite and available immediately on Webtrack

  • Set reminders for upcoming trailer maintenance or for the renewal of trailer licenses and receive automated alerts before due date

  • Zero additional roaming charges. You know upfront what your trailer tracking is going to cost

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Trailer tracking for transporters
Around the clock customer support and care
Around the clock Customer Care and Support

As our valued client, you will have the benefit of our Customer Care Department. Your dedicated Customer Care Specialist will assist with any of your needs relating to training, health checks, reports, upsells or any client query you need to resolve. Whether it is via calls, emails, Whatsapp or face to face.