How Satellite Tracking Works

Globaltrack partners with the Iridium Satellite System to bring true satellite tracking to the African continent

Globaltrack partners with the Iridium Satellite System to bring true satellite tracking to the African continent
Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking Explained

Globaltrack is an industry-leading partner of the Iridium Satellite System. The Iridium system consists of a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Originally, the constellation comprised 66 operational satellites, with several in-orbit spares. In recent years, Iridium has upgraded its constellation to include additional satellites, enhancing coverage and capacity. The Iridium satellite system is a global satellite communications network that enables our devices to connect to and communicate data from any point on Earth via our award-winning Webtrack Fleet Management Software which fleet managers can access from their mobile devices or PC. This means that you are guaranteed connectivity to your fleet assets, regardless of where they might roam.

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Global Position Satellite System

GPS: What is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite-based navigation system that provides data from anywhere on or near the Earth's surface, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

Reliable and rugged satellite tracking for trucks

How it is powered?

Our Satellite Tracking Devices (DUO) are built for African conditions. Reliable, rugged and tamper-proof, the DUO is designed to be OEM-compatible with a backup-up battery as part of the standard installation.

Guaranteed connectivity to your drivers and fleet

Is it guaranteed?

Because connectivity via Satellites is not dependent on GSM-coverage, you are guaranteed that you will have 24/7 visibility on your fleet, drivers, cargo and assets even in area with low or no cell phone reception.

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How will my fleet benefit from Satellite Tracking?

Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management provides a range of functionalities with the DUO Satellite Solution, including real-time location monitoring, enabling cross border transporters to closely track the whereabouts of their vehicles, drivers and cargo, facilitating better management of shipment progress and adherence to schedules.

Webtrack offers features for compliance and documentation, recording vital vehicle data such as speed, Driver Score Cards and mileage travelled. This data ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and provides documentation for customs inspections and other purposes.

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No power? No problem!

We understand transport. Our SolSat Solar-powered Satellite Tacking Solution offers a reliable alternative for monitoring assets lacking a permanent power source.

SolSat boasts a quick and easy non-permanent installation, requiring under 15 minutes to set up. With SolSat, users can remotely and instantly monitor their non-powered fleet assets.

This resilience allows the SolSat Solar-powered Satellite Tracking Solution to provide uninterrupted reporting 24/7, with or without a permanent power source.