Fuel Management Solution

Track every liter of diesel you pay for with our cutting-edge Fuel Management System for diesel trucks and yellow equipment

Fuel Management for trucks
Fuel Management

Save on your Diesel Cost

At Globaltrack, we specialize in providing unparalleled products and tailored solutions designed exclusively for fleet managers of transport companies, mining houses and construction firms across the African continent. Our flagship Fuel Management Solution helps you to save on your diesel bill. With our advanced technology and industry expertise, we revolutionize the way you manage your fleet's diesel fuel consumption, ensuring optimal efficiency and significant cost savings for your entire fleet.

Fuel management for transport and logistics operatorsDots
Remotely manage your fleet's fuelDots

Advanced Fuel Management

- Remotely monitor the fuel levels in your vehicles with up to 98% accuracy
- View accurate diesel consumption per vehicle, your entire fleet or for specific trips or drivers.
- Automatically reconcile your diesel purchase slips with the actual liters received
- Receive instant alerts for fuel pilferage or unauthorized fill-ups
- Receive instant alerts for wasteful driving styles like speeding and harsh acceleration
- Monitor driver behavior and access detailed Driver Score Cards
- Get automated Trip and Route Reports
- Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management included

Fuel Management System

A fuel management system is invaluable for transport and logistics operators. Our Fuel Management Solution offers precise control over fuel consumption and driver behavior. Save up to 15% by monitoring your fuel and drivers in near-real time.

In-tank fuel  probes for fuel management

From your control room or office

In-tank ,calibrated probed installation that delivers instant alerts on decreases and increases as it happens

Monitor drivers remotely

Remote Driver Monitoring

Remotely monitor your drivers and their driving behavior. Receive automated Driver Score Cards when you choose

Advanced fuel management

Complete Control

Webtrack puts you in complete remote control of your fleet. Access our Advanced Fleet Management platform from your PC or on the mobile app

Track every liter of fuel you purchaseDots

Track every liter of fuel you purchase

The Globaltrack Fuel Management Solution puts you in the driving seat and your foot on the diesel pedal, regardless of how many vehicles you operate or where they may roam.

Whether you choose to access our award-winning Webtrack Advanced Fleet Management system on your PC or from the mobile app, you are in complete control, around the clock. Maximize routes, minimize idle time, and optimize fuel efficiency, ensuring every drop of the diesel you have to purchase counts toward your bottom line.

Fuel Management Tools

We provide fleet managers and transport and logistics operators with the tools to effortlessly and remotely track, monitor and manage the fuel consumption and safekeeping of one of their most expensive input costs.

Immediate Fuel Lever Alerts
Detailed Reports On Demand

Setup and receive automatic, detailed consumption reports on individual vehicles, drivers or your entire fleet with Trip Reports.

Immediate alerts of Fuel Theft
Stop Diesel Theft

Setup Driver Identification tags and monitor drivers remotely. Receive instant alerts for driver behavior and diesel-related events on email and push-messaging. Immediaely know when a vehicle suddenly loses liters of diesel from the tank.

Automate your next bulk diesel delivery

Automate Diesel Delivery

Share Fuel Alerts and Reports with Diesel suppliers for predictive supply and preferred pricing negotiation based on actual data.

Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots
Detailed Fuel Consumption Reports

Detailed fuel consumption reports for individual vehicles or drivers, the entire fleet, as well as specific trips and routes. Data-based, accurate insight into your fuel usage patterns.

You will be able to identify inefficiencies, reduce wastage, and implement strategic measures and enhance your fleet's fuel efficiency. This granular level of analysis empowers you to make informed decisions that will have a direct impact on how much you spend on diesel and how the diesel you purchase, is consumed.

The Webtrack Fuel Management Dashboard provides detailed consumption reports on vehicles, routes and trip. Our Advanced Fleet Management platform is A.I-assisted an can be accessed from your PC or mobile phone.

A.I. Assisted fuel managementDots
A.I. assisted Fuel Management

With the help of A.I, you can track and montor fuel with unprecedented accuracy and insight.

Automatically receive Fuel Consumption Reports, Fill-up and Decrease events Reports and Driver Score Cards or access your fleet and fuel reports on demand. Deep-dive into Trip and Route Reports to monitor your fleet traveling through Waypoints or into and out of Geofenced areas.

Webtrack is designed to be used by your operational, financial, and executive staff. Streamline manual, arbitrary operational tasks with Automated Fuel Slip Reconciliation, helping you to identify loopholes and blind spots in your diesel procurement.

You can save up to 15% on your Fuel Cost

With the Fuel Management Solution, you can save up to 15% on your monthly fuel cost. The best part is that the Fuel Management Solution pays for itself. A scenario:

If 20% of a fleet of 50 vehicles loses only 20L of diesel perday through ineffective driving styles, unoptimized routes, a lack of driver monitoring or outright diesel skimming, a loss of 200 liters per day occurs. 200 liters of fuel at a rate of R23,00 per liter equals R 4 600 per day or R 142 600 per month!

Try out our free A.I. Bot to see how much you can potentially be saving!

More than just Fuel Management for Trucks

Get a 360 degree view on your entire diesel supply and consumption chain. From purchase to storage and dispensing.

Remotely Monitor Your Bulk Fuel
Automated Tank Gauging

With Automated Tank Gauging, you can view activity on your bulk diesel storage tanks from the comfort of your control room or office.

Automated Tank Gauging
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Identify drivers and vehicles
Identify Drivers and Vehicles

Driver Tags lets you to track the vehicle use and diesel consumption. Know who is driving, when and where they fill up and with how much.

Executive Level Insight on your Fuel Cost and Consumption
Executive Insights on your Fuel

Sign up for a monthly Executive Insights Report for an in-depth look at the diesel consumed and the potential savings you can make.

Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel UsersDots
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