Tracking Fuel in Generators

As industry leaders, we offer innovative Generator Solutions that let's you track your generator fuel levels and consumption from your office or control room

Tracking fuel in generators
Fuel and Fleet Management

tracking from inside the Generator's Fuel tank

With loadshedding being an ongoing crisis in South Africa and the nature of construction, mining, retail and property companies being that of requiring electricity around the clock, we have invented the Generator Solution to give you remote, accurate and data-backed insights into the current fuel levels and consumption trends of your generators directly from inside the tank.

Monitor the fuel in your generators remotelyDots
Automated Tank Gauging for Bulk Diesel Users

How wil my operations benefit?

Because you know the exact liters of diesel left in your generators, you are able to pre-empt how much and when you will be ordering diesel. Low fuel level alerts for when diesel levels reach 10% can be shared with suppliers to automatically inform them that a fill-up is required imminently.

Together with immediate alerts for sudden decreases in fuel level, measured directly from inside the generator's tank - you can rest sured that you will be able to keep track of each liter of diesel inside your generators' fuel tanks.

Remotely Monitor Your Generators' Diesel

Remotely Monitor Fuel Levels

Remotely access and view your current fuel leves and consumption from your PC or on the mobile app without having to leave your office or having to visit the site where your generator is situated.

Immediate alerts for diesel theft

Immediate Alerts for Diesel Theft

Receive immediate alerts of a sudden decrease in the fuel level directly from inside your generator's fuel tank. Stop fuel theft in it's tracks and have data-backed proof of fuel pilfereage events.

Automate your next diesel delivery

Automate Your Next Fill-Up

Receive an alert when diesel levels reach a certain %. Automatically share these alerts with your bulk diesel suppliers or ops team to ensure that you never run dry and your next fill happens automatically.

You can use Generator Solution to claim from SARS

Can I use it to claim my Diesel Refund from SARS?

Yes! The Generator Solution produces reports that are delivered automatically or on-demand and which are completely SARS-compliant. The Generator Solution also makes reconciling your diesel purchases a breeze and you will know exactly how many liters you have received. Automatically compare diesel supplier delivery notes/ slips with the actual liters of diesel you received.

By installing the Generator Solution on your generators, you are no longer reliant on menial administrative tasks to get to calculating the value of your diesel rebate. Human error is replaced with certified, calibrated equipment.